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A Hauf an a Hauf

A Hauf an a Hauf

A Hauf an a Hauf

So often the Whisky snobs will tell you that the idea of drinking whisky with anything other than whisky is a sin, We would agree in most cases. Adding Coke for instance is akin to Original Sin however there is one accompaniment that has fallen out of fashion and we say “For Shame.” the Hauf an a Hauf. In a modern setting it is less likely but in the bars of yesterday it was the norm. What is this old pairing you ask? Beer thats what. Here are 5 great reasons why it is the best thing since Distillation.

1. Beer is where it all started.

It is the grandfather of Whisky, Thats right if you are making Whisky you need to first make Beer. At least a form of Beer. It then makes sense that Beer should be drunk with Whisky as the flavours compliment each other.

2. It supports Craft Beer.

Craft beer has been taking off like a albatross it shows no sign of landing, there are even Breweries that have founded them selves around the premise of whisky and beer. The Beer is great on its own but with a Whisky in hand its even better.

3. It is a great starting point.

It offers a way for new Whisky drinkers to drink a liquid that they will enjoy at the same time. Like a gateway drug Beer is a natural starting point and can help introduce you to Whisky.

4. Bars are ahead of the curve.

The idea is becoming so popular that whole Pubs and even Bars are opening up around the premise. This means that you wont feel to silly drinking Beer and Whisky at the same time, as everyone else is doing it.

5. Your Grandfathers did it.

Your parents and your ancestors at least in Scotland have been doing it for generations. If it was good enough for your precursors then it can't be that bad a idea can it? We like to think that our elders know best and should be emulated to some extent.
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