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10 reasons why you should drink craft beer

10 reasons why you should drink craft beer

You may have heard about craft beer but have you ever tried it? If the answer to that question is no, then you are most certainly missing out on a great creation. But before we rattle on with several reasons as to how amazing this drink is, you may want to know what it is… Craft beer is simply a beer made by a small, independent and traditional brewer. Usually this means that they brew less than 500,000 HL annually and is not more than 20% owned by a non-craft brewery company.

It does what it says on the can…

One of the great joys of craft beer is that it is honest. Unlike big beer companies who thrive in secrecy, craft beer is like an open book, you know exactly what’s in it no matter what type, flavour or batch it’s from. All the ingredients are usually listed on the labels as well as the location of the brewery.

Local/independent businesses

To get the name ‘craft’ put in front of beer the brewery has to only make small batches, as stated previously. This makes the beer more appealing as it’s not mass produced in some huge factory.

Natural ingredients

To make beer the core ingredients are water, grains, hops and yeast – it’s that simple, but mass produced beers often contain preservatives and other things that you’d probably rather not drink. Craft brewers love to use real, fresh ingredients. They are often locally grown and organic.


Craft brewers love to experiment and won’t settle for just one type of beer. Whether it’s an IPA, an amber or a stout, craft brewers love to try new things - it’s a win/win situation!

Food pairing

On a hot summer’s day there is nothing better than a beer and a BBQ, it’s a classic combination really. Due to the constant experimentation craft brewers go through the slightest change of an ingredient can open up a whole new beer profile.

Health benefits

So wine apparently decreases the risk of heart disease, and research has shown that craft beer often carries exactly the same benefits, if not more!

Enjoyed all year round

Again, due to the experimentation that surrounds craft beer it also means that there will be the perfect beer for every season. Want a cosy winter beer? There’s probably a cinnamon-infused batch waiting for you to enjoy or even a fresh citrus beer that takes you to the beach for summer.


Craft brewers love to stand out on the shelf, they love to embrace uniqueness. It’s not every day you can get away with drinking an ‘Arrogant Bastard Ale’.

Tastes better!

Craft beers just taste better! With all the variety in the market now, there is literally a beer for everyone’s taste. The fresh ingredients, careful brewing process and unique edge make craft beer a drink you simply have to try. Get involved in the craft beer revolution today!

Jeffrey St, based in the heart of historic Edinburgh, now stocks an excellent range of craft beers. Visit us in store to see our new craft beer selection, which is growing all the time.

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