10 reasons why snuff should be in every pocket

10 Reasons why Snuff Should be in Every Pocket

Almost every taker of tobacco will have heard of Snuff tobacco, however very few will have tried it. An injustice to history and to pleasure. If you have then you have experienced what is now a cult tobacco, if you have thus far avoided non smoking tobacco then we urge you to give it a go. So with out any further stalling these are the reasons we feel that snuff should be found in every smokers pocket.

It is the oldest Tobacco in Europe.

That is right Snuff is the very first tobacco substance taken in Europe. So it can be easily said that snuff makers know a thing or two about it. Ground in mills and taken by everyone during the 1600 this tobacco was revolutionary.

You need no light

There is no need for all the cumbersome use of lighters and various other paraphernalia that is so often used in the art of smoking.

Take it anytime anywhere

Snuff is perfect for all occasions; maybe you found yourself in a storm (unfortunately common in Britain these days) then snuff can be taken indoors. No getting wet no wind no discomfort.

Options so many Options

Like so many things the same taste becomes Bland boring and frankly pointless. Snuff on the other hand, has more flavour than you can shack a stick at. From Natural to Cola Nut or even the often avoided Super menthol.

Accessories for everyone

It may well have the most “things” than any other tobacco. So for the collectors, Hoarders and general lovers of stuff out there, this maybe the best thing since sliced bread. Objects ranging from snuff bullets, Rose wood boxes, Scottish snuff spoons and the often lethal snuff catapult. Will keep your collector instinct quelled.


Unlike many other tobaccos snuff is essentially just tobacco leaf so no additives have been added to the mix. There are of course the flavours so nothing is additive free, that being said the tastes are derived from essential oil so not to bad.

Local Produce

Non smoking tobacco is still manufactured in Britain. That is right we still make tobacco products here; most have been outsourced but snuff is till made by many companies in Britain. From the large factories like Wilson of Sharrow to the small garden shed producers you can take authentic British tobacco.


you can consume it in a stealthy unlike Pipes, Cigars and Cigarettes snuff is just a powder so there is no need to worry about tuts and stares. Of course common sense is still needed; it is best not to snuff in a night club or in front of the Police as many other more suspect narcotics are taken in the same fashion.

Long Lasting

Snuff hangs around in your nose for quite some time releasing Nicotine for a hefty length of time in other words there is no need to take to much for your kick to last a long time.

Snuff is cost effective

Unlike other tobaccos Snuff is still relatively cheap as the level of tobacco actually bought is minor only ever small tins so the hole in your pocket will be slightly smaller than from other habits.

Snuff is still very much a dangerous substance and caution should be used when it is taken as it is still addictive and damaging to ones health

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