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Think rum is only for pirates? Arrgg you serious?

Think rum is only for pirates? Arrgg you serious?

Newsflash: Rum is not only consumed by pirates… you can drink it too and we’d highly recommend it! The spirit comes from sugar cane juices and molasses which are fermented and distilled in various ways to create a spirit that can be absolutely spectacular. Everyone talks about whisky and gin but you should definitely consider rum! Typically with luscious tones of vanilla, banana and pineapple, it's perfect for the summer months.

Rum, Ron or Rhum?

English-speaking countries use the term rum, leaving ron for the Spanish speaking countries and rhum originating from countries with a French native language. The reasoning for the different names isn’t just because of the translation, it’s actually due to a different production process. The Spanish ron is smooth and light compared to the stronger taste you’ll find in an English rum, but they are both made from molasses. The French rhum is quite different due to it being made out of a sugar cane juice, not syrup. Using this method creates an even lighter body but still maintains the same fruity tones.

Styles of rum…

It's enjoyed globally, the spirit has evolved and developed into variations of what it originally was. White – Also known as ‘light’ or ‘silver’, it's unaged and often filtered with charcoal to remove any colouring. It is also generally sweeter than others but typically has less flavour profile and is used in a variety of cocktails. Dark – Named after the natural colour of the rum, this spirit is made from caramelised molasses and matured for extended periods of time. The maturity of the rum adds a fuller bodied taste often with tones of smoke and spice. Gold – Gold is seen as the middle spirit between white and dark rum. It is typically lighter than dark rums but stronger than the lighter rums with a medium body. Similarly named after it’s colouring, gold rum is aged in white oak casks. Spiced – Made from a gold base, spiced rum is what it says… with added spice! The spices for these can be pepper, rosemary and even cinnamon to give it an extra kick.

Our suggestions

From not-so-sweltering Scotland comes the ever so exotic ‘Dark Matter Spiced Rum’. This beautifully-spiced offering comes from the first ever rum distillery in Scotland, based in Aberdeenshire. It’s uniquely spiced with peppercorns, balsamic vinegar, spiced ginger, vanilla and all-spice. We reckon it’s perfect for lovers of spiced options but also serves as a good choice for those new to the spirit. Next up, the ‘Havana Club 3 Year Old’ offers beautiful subtle tones of vanilla, caramelised pears and banana. Coming from one of the famous Cuban distilleries, this is a known for its classic exotic background and creates the perfect Cuban Mojito. Jeffrey St is an Edinburgh-based spirits and tobacco merchant. Shop in store or online here today.
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