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6 Reasons smokeless tobacco is convenient.

6 Reasons smokeless tobacco is convenient.

6 Reasons smokeless tobacco is convenient.

Like everyone else we are aware that the days of the western frontier are long gone and with it so to the tobacco chewing cowboy and sawdust bars. Then why is the tradition of Smokeless tobacco still around and even having a resurgence? These are 10 reasons why such tobacco has become if anything more popular than it has been in some 100 years.

It has more variety than Craft Beer.

That is right there really is more to smokeless tobacco than just lumps of leaves. From Snuff to Twist or even the rarely seen Nicoccino there is a tobacco for every occasion.

More flavour than you can shake a stick at.

Surely tobacco is tobacco and relatively bland? I hear you saying, We too were sceptics and much to our astonishment we found a kaleidoscope of taste. If there is a taste that you can imagine it can be added to smokeless tobacco. That is right even SnosBerry.

There are even discrete options.

Still not convinced? Don't want to be called out for chewing gum? Well we have a option for you Nicoccino, a small slip of tobacco that unleashes Nicotine and is as covert as an International Spy.

They can keep you dry.

That is right many a tobacco lover has had to stand in a storm weathering the worst that Mother Nature has to through at us and have thought what is the point? Well we have also and we discovered the wonder that is snuff a powdered tobacco that is perfect for such occasions. One has to take sniff a pinch of snuff and laugh in the face of Natures Wrath.

Gratification quicker

We Humans are a inpatient lot, quick to grumble at time for dragging on. Or maybe you are in a rush no time for a Cigarette or perhaps a cheeky pipe? Smokeless tobacco has got you covered; it releases the pleasant feeling of Nicotine often in mere seconds after consumption. No wait, no Grumble just pleasure.

No messy ash

Even the messiest person is annoyed by Cigarette buts and ash, Smokeless tobacco is almost completely without mess. The odd snuff spillage or dropped leaf but nothing that wont bio degrade. Gone are the days of rubbing ash of your trousers or searching for a bin for your tobacco waste. Still unsure? Don't want to take the plunge? Then have a peak at our snuff blog. Or pop into the shop and get the low down in person.

Smokeless tobacco is not a alternative to smoking and professional assistance should be sought out when trying to leave tobacco behind.

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