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Picking the best cigar gift

Picking the best cigar gift

Picking the best cigar gift

Need to pick a cigar gift and don't know where to start? Our handy guide will surely help. We have all been there, we are invited to a wedding, birthday or other special celebration and we are lost for gift ideas. Suddenly we realise that a cigar will make the perfect gift, but where to start?  

Consider the following before choosing a cigar: Does the person receiving the gift enjoy cigars from time to time? Has the person smoked cigars before? Will the cigar be smoked on the day of the celebration? Will the cigar be given as a gift and taken away by the person receiving it?

Depending on the occasion, you may need a larger or smaller cigar. For those who enjoy cigars regularly or sporadically, it may be convenient to know which brands they enjoy. Every now and again, it may be a good idea to give them something that they already know, something very similar to what they know or something completely new. For them we recommend: Montecristo No. 4, Cohiba Siglo II, and Oliva

An occasional cigar smoker may want to enjoy a decent cigar every time he is at the golf course or on a fishing trip. For them it is recommended to give them a cigar that is pleasant, offers good value and is not very complex or expensive. Someone wanting to enjoy the round of golf may want to focus more on hitting the ball than on appreciating the complex flavours, construction, draw and other aspects of the cigar.  These cigars are ideal for them: Charatan, Jose L Piedra, La Galera.

For those who never smoked a cigar before, it is recommended to give them a cigar with a good appearance and with a delicate flavour. You wouldn't want to overpower their palates! Always remember that the enjoyment of a cigar comes from its flavour. Inhaling cigar smoke is definitely not recommended, we are after the taste and not the nicotine hit. These cigars will do the trick: H. Upmann Half Corona, Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto, La Aurora.

Will the celebration involve a pre-determined schedule? You wouldn't want to give the groom at a wedding a colossal cigar as he will definitely will not have time to fully enjoy its flavours. A smaller format cigar is advisable given that they provide all the flavour without taking too much time.  These delights will have you covered: Montecristo No. 5, Ramon Allones Small Club Corona, Gurkha Koi 15 year old.

Likewise, is the celebration an intimate gathering of friends or relatives? In these occasions a slightly larger cigar is definitely recommended. At barbecues or camping trips there is definitely plenty of time to sit, relax and puff away for hours in the company of others. These sticks will sort you out: Partagas Lusitanias, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial, Plasencia Alma Fuerte.

Finally, if the cigar is to be given as a gift and if the cigar will be enjoyed later, it is advisable to pick a cigar and the right accessories to go with it. In most cases, a freezer bag should do. A cigar can be kept in one of these bags for up to 10 days with no problems. If the cigar gets slightly dry the bag can be taken to the shower and be left there open while one takes a shower (just don't let water touch the ccigars!) and let the steam work its magic. If this is the case, everything goes. You can pick a selection of great value cigars or just a single, rare and special stick.

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