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Gin Shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Pilgrim

5 Must Try Scottish Gins

Scotland produces the much beloved and famous Scotch Whisky. Not only that, it is home to hundreds of breweries and over 150 different gins. Here at Jeffrey st. Whisky & Tobacco we decided to pick 5 gins that we think everyone should try at least once. Even better, we created a Gin Sampling Pack that allows you to sample them without having to buy 5 full size bottles. 
Hailing from St. Andrews this Gin is made using the purest spring water from a local private well. Besides the traditional botanicals that include Coriander, Angelica Root and Juniper, Pilgrims Gin includes Grapefruit and a touch of Blackcurrant. If you put the gin in the fridge you will notice a slight cloudiness, this is perfectly normal given its high content of botanical oils.
Shetland Reel Original
All the way from the Saxa Vord distillery in Unst, Shetland Isles, this delicious gin includes Apple Mint in its recipe. This addition imparts a fresh and clean flavour to the gin with a subtle herbal note. The creator of this superb gin was the person behind the world famous Hendrick's gin. Those wanting to visit the distillery will have to embark on a 12 hours ferry journey from Aberdeen plus two more ferry journeys. 
Wanting to capture Glasgow's character, the creators of this Gin decided to come up with a 'cheeky and bold spirit that included a sweet and gentle side'. The result is a gin which is fresh, fruity and sherbet flavour. If you have ever tried Limoncello, you will know what we're talking about. 
This is a classic gin in its recipe and flavour but wait, it includes a deep shimmering colour. When you look at the bottle you will notice that the gin is deep black in colour. After the bottle is shaken the mist is revealed. The mesmerizing look of this gin will captivate your eyes and will make a great party trick.
The first Gin from the first ever legal distillery in Rassay. This gin is made using the locally foraged juniper for a unique and generous flavour. The gin has hints of rhubarb and citrus and comes bottled at a healthy 46% ABV for extra complexity.
There you have it, if you haven't heard from any of those gins until now, we highly recommend you give them a try. You can get a sample pack with all five here.
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