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Campbeltown single malts

Campbeltown single malts

Of the three operating distilleries located in Campbeltown, Springbank is the one that many whisky lovers seek out.
The beloved Springbank 15, the rarely seen Springbank 18 and the almost mythical 21 year old are the jewels that we all are looking for. 
You are probably aware of how difficult it is to get hold of any Springbank single malt right now. But what if we told you that you can enjoy Campbeltown whiskies with mineral, brine and maritime notes which are readily available? 
There was a time when our most popular whisky tasting The Whisky Regions included Springbank 15 or Longrow Peated as the whiskies representing Campbeltown's fine Malts. As we regularly replaced whiskies on that tasting, we discovered that, often, it was the maritime and mineral note with subtle smoke that some people craved the most in whisky. Those notes can be found in most Campbeltown whiskies and Glen Scotia Double Cask is a prime example of this. Many fans of Springbank whisky were delighted and often suprised to enjoy those iconic Campbeltown flavours in any whisky other than Springbank.
If you haven't discovered the wonderful range of Glen Scotia Single Malt whiskies yet, we're sure you will enjoy the Wonderful Double Cask, and Glen Scotia 15 year old. The dry and mineral notes of the Glen Scotia Victoriana are a must try too. Every year, a special release is bottled and they tend to be phenomenal! This Glen Scotia 8 year old is a prime example. If you are after classic Campbeltown flavours with honey, cedar and spice, give the Glen Scotia 18 year old a go. 
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