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What are Iqos Heets?

What are Iqos Heets?

Heets and the Iqos machine have grown massively in popularity in the past couple of years. 
Although we might think of them as 'just another vaping gadget' they're not a vape pen nor an e-cigarette. 
The way the Iqos machine works is pretty simple really. Just enough heat is generated by the device to toast the tobacco rather than burning it. The technology used to achieve this is patented (Iqos Heat Control). 
Once the tobacco is heated, the nicotine naturally vaporises into a significantly more enjoyable and lightly flavoured mist. 
 Because neither the paper nor the tobacco in the Heets cartridge combusts you don't suffer the acrid flavours and harmful chemicals often associated with other forms of smoking. There is also no ash which means that there is no mess. We find it very reassuring not to have to worry about burning our clothes. 
 Another great advantage of Iqos Heets is the plethora of flavours available to you. The flavours range from delicate and natural tobacco taste to the classic menthol and everything in between. Compared to cigarettes they are a lot cheaper too.
If you haven't already given Iqos a go, you really should try them. We have. 
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