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Find the perfect Wedding Cigar

Find the perfect Wedding Cigar

The Big Day is around the corner and everything has been taken care of. What else could one need to make the Special Day a bit more special? Cigars of course!

Whether you are the groom wanting to treat the Best Man and your Groomsmen or the Best Man with the difficult task of picking cigars for the Groomsmen and close relatives/friends we will help you find the right cigar. 

Things to consider

First things first, think about where the wedding will take place. Will it be in the Caribbean, The Mediterranean Coast? Will it be in good old rainy Scotland? If smoking outdoors is out of the question, does the venue have a smoking area? 

The people receiving the cigar, are they familiar with cigars? Have they smoked cigars before? A strong and big cigar may cause those un acquainted to faint! It all seems quite daunting but we are here to help. 

Wedding receptions outdoors

If the wedding will take place in a sunny and warm place, then you certainly have the option of longer cigars with heavier ring gauges. Outdoor receptions will allow the groomsmen to chat to other guests while smoking cigars. If the tables are located outside, the cigars can be put down while sipping a drink or while you show your best moves on the dance floor.

Keep in mind that some wedding guests may not be too keen on the smell of cigars and may want to avoid getting near ashes.

Wedding receptions indoors

Most venues these days do not allow smoking indoors. This means that the enjoyment of the cigars will have to take place in a designated smoking area or just outside the wedding venue. This may entail leaving the venue while the cigars are smoked. If this is your situation, we strongly recommend going for shorter and smaller ring gauge cigars. Why? The weather may not allow you to stay outside for too long. After all the now Husband probably doesn't want to be absent for too long either.

If you're outside or in a designated smoking area, a larger cigar will keep you away from the wedding for too long! Think about it, going away for an hour or longer will cause you to miss some unforgettable moments from the wedding. Besides the time that a larger cigar will take, the weather may turn, you don't want to waste that precious cigar or ruin your attire! 

 Cigars for outdoor wedding receptions

The sun is out and the sky is blue, it's the Big Day! After the meal was served and when the band is enticing dancers to the dance floor is when cigars are usually pulled out. The occasion calls for a premium stick and the ones to make that most special of days just a bit more special are:

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill: Many people, including non-smokers, have heard about this brand. The size is noticeable without being too big to waste. The flavours are on the mellow and smooth side with just enough spice. Those partial to white wine or gentle spirits will enjoy them. 

Montecristo Open Master: The Open range was conceived by those who enjoy the outdoors. This cigar has a lot more depth and complexity. Although similar in size to the Short Churchill, this cigar will have more spicy, nutty and chocolatey undertones. As the cigar burns, the nutty and spicy flavours become far more apparent. Espresso creme, bitter cocoa and burning cedar notes appear too. 

Ramon Allones Specially Selected: One of our favourites here at Jeffrey st. This cigar has a medium to full palate with marzipan, honey comb and biscuit dough notes. As the cigars burns, the toasted almond notes become more obvious and lovely milk chocolate and freshly roasted coffee bean notes appear. Be careful not to get lost in the pleasure of this cigar, after all it is an important day. 

Cigars for indoor wedding receptions

Again, most venues these days will not allow smoking indoors so keep in mind that the cigars will be enjoyed outside. Since this means that you will be leaving the venue temporarily, avoid going for big, statement piece cigars that will take forever to burn. Half Coronas, Marevas and Minutos are all you need. 

H. Upmann Half Corona: This brand has been enjoyed by royalty, celebrities and dignitaries alike. Compact and elegant in size with a smooth palate and a floral note. Even those new to cigars will appreciate the elegant profile of this classic Cuban.

Montecristo No.4: This Mareva (also known as Petit Corona) sized cigar is probably the biggest cigar you could enjoy at a wedding reception without taking too long to finish it. The Montecristo No. 4 has a medium to full palate with notes of cocoa powder, dark chocolate, hints of cinnamon and toasted cedar. Its flavour profile has made it a favourite among cigar aficionados around the world. 

Partagas Short: This Minuto sized cigar has a robust and fuller bodied palate. It starts with creamy and honeyed notes. Later, expect leather undertones, heavily roasted coffee beans, black pepper and bitter chocolate. The only bad thing about this cigar is, you will want it to last longer. 

There you have it, these were our Cuban cigar recommendations, guaranteed to impress and make the Big Day extra special.


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