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A 24 year old Glenrothes

A 24 year old Glenrothes

A 24 year old Glenrothes

We're very excited about the arrival of two 24 year old Glenrothes whiskies. Berry Bros. and Rudd have released very limited batches of only 648 and 236 bottles world wide. This whisky was distilled in 1992 and some of it was finished in Oloroso casks from Bodegas Lustau, one of Spain's most acclaimed Sherry 'bodegas' (warehouses). Some of the whisky was aged in Zinfandel Red Wine Casks from The Ridge vineyard in California. Who are Bodegas Lustau and The Ridge vineyards? Why is this whisky so special?

Almacenistas Bodegas Lustau

It all started in 1896 when Mr. Jose Ruiz-Berdejo started to cultivate vineyards located on his property. He was producing wine that he later sold to larger wine merchants, he was indeed an 'almacenista'. The wines proved popular and were very well received. The company expanded in the post-war period and again in the 1970's. It was in 1990 that the winery was acquired by the Luis Caballero group and its financial situation improved massively. These days Lustau Sherry wines receive acclaim from connoisseurs, wine judges, critics and enthusiasts. This 24 year old Glenrothes was finished in fine Oloroso casks from this prestigious sherry house. The whisky has a generous palate with toffee-like notes, citrus notes and a mouth coating creamy texture. Find out more about this amazing whisky here.

Ridge Vineyards

These vineyards released their first vintage in 1962. Fourteen years later, their 1971 Montebello Cabernet Sauvignon achieved international recognition after winning fifth place at the famous 'Judgement of Paris' blind wine tasting (1976). Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel are without a doubt the most famous red wines from this winemakers. The American wine scene often describes wines form this vineyard as among the 'finest American wines produced'. Several celebrities and politicians have visited the vineyard and the awards and accolades won by the vineyards and wine makers are too numerous to name. The limited edition Glenrothes was finished in Zinfandel casks from Ridge Vineyards. The whisky has a lively colour with a ruby red hue. The palate is full with upfront notes of caramelised molasses, dark cherries and nuts.

Berry Bros and Rudd

Berry Bros. & Rudd (BBR) are Britain's oldest wine ans spirit merchants. Their shop in St. James's street has been in the same location since 1698. It was started as a family business and has remained so until today. These days BBR have stores and presence in the Far East and all over the world. Their range of whiskies comes from rigorously selected casks that are exclusive to BBR. They have been bottling their own range of whiskies for over 100 years now. You can trust the whisky in the bottles is of the finest quality.
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