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Special whisky and cigar pairing

Special whisky and cigar pairing

Special whisky and cigar pairing

For this special whisky and cigar pairing we have sourced unique, rare and limited products. You can win a ticket for this tasting if you share this post on Twitter or Facebook.

Ferintosh (AKA Ryefield) 92 year old single malt. This sadly closed distillery produced superb whiskies that Scotland's most famous poets (Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott) sang praises about. We were lucky enough to have found a single bottle that once belonged to Lord Fitzroy Callborough. The distillery closed many, many years ago and less than 100 bottles remain in existence.

The palate is rich, complex and nutty. Notes of tobacco, chocolate, spice and dark fruits combine beautifully. It has a long and pleasant palate that whisky legend John McVirty described in his 'Whiskies of the world' book as: 'exceptional and unforgettable'.

A whisky this rare and unique can only be matched with an equally rare and unique cigar of course.

From our cigar archives we grabbed an extremely rare pre-embargo Cohiba. This cigar was rolled at the legendary 'Las Doncellas' cigar factory which was destroyed by a fire in 1959. The cigar was rolled using leaves that were aged for an astonishing length of time (15 years). Some of the leaves in the blend were aged in ex-rum barrels. The rum was produced exclusively for Royal Navy admirals in the 19th century and the solera was started in the 18th century. The cigars have an incredibly smooth and complex palate with vanilla notes, all-spice and chocolate.

Tickets for this super limited tasting cost £50 and there are only 9 left. Make sure you buy your ticket soon and make sure you also check out your calendar and look at the date.... April's fools!

So sorry to have gotten you all excited about the above fictitious products. Ferintosh distillery closed down in the 18th century wayyy before bottled whisky was a reality. The Cohiba brand was created in 1966 a few years after the Cuban embargo and no Lord Callborough ever existed.

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