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Are you a whisky snob?

Are you a whisky snob?

There has been plenty of talk about the 'snobbery' surrounding the whisky industry. Leading publications often talk about 'whisky becoming too snobbish' or becoming too 'geeky'. Being an enthusiast is not a bad think of course. From ancient times being seen as a connoisseur was a matter of pride. Take the Romans for example who insisted on drinking 'Falernum' wine no matter its cost. Asking for that particular wine often meant that the person requesting it knew a thing or two about wine. 

There was also a time when whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts inspired admiration and respect. Could it be that nowadays they are seen as snobs and geeks? We looked around and came up with a list of things that 'whisky snobs do that annoy the casual drinker'. Are you showing the symptoms of being a whisky snob?


1 You correct other people's pronunciation of Gaelic distillery names.

We all have been there, we order a whisky at a bar and incur the wrath of the whisky snob: 'It's pronounced Glenfiddik not Glenfiddish' we're told. 

You quiz the bartender when asking for a whisky

'A whisky from Scotland's Northernmost distillery please', 'a nip of whisky from Islay's oldest dsitillery'. We get it, you just want to show off.

3 You make a remark when your whisky is delivered 'in the wrong glass'.

'Is this a whisky bar?' , 'where are those tulip shaped glasses?'. Please remember, the concept of using only 'the right' glassware for wines and spirits is, in historical terms, new. Some pubs have been serving drinks in 'mundane' glassware for decades or even centuries.

You recommend 'better' whiskies to your companions when they order a dram.

We all started somewhere, the beauty of the whisky world is the journey of discovery. Your friends will appreciate it if you didn't Recommend a rare and unique whisky that is a better choice of drink at the bar.

5 You lecture your less well versed whisky friends about the technicalities of it.

Seriously, the occasional whisky drinker most likely doesn't want to hear your speech on cutting points, PPM, fermentation times, etc.  Unless your friends ask for your expert opinion, keep that conversation for your whisky club session.

6 You 'top up' the tasting notes of your companions.

'wow! I get a lot of smoke in this one' someone says, 'burnt  autumn leaves and grilled Italian salami'  you add. Please don't. 

You make lists telling whisky drinkers how 'not to be snobs'.

How very dare you? Who even does that?

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