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Rare malts and rarer mixers

Rare malts and rarer mixers

Throughout April, we will include a new and exciting whisky tasting: 'Rare malts and mixers'. We have collaborated with prestigious auction house 'Rarities Inc.' from Glasgow and have sourced some superb malts and whiskies from closed distilleries. Not only that, we have also sourced premium mixers from decades ago. 

James Coke curated carefully a vast selection of mixers from various soft drinks producers over a period of 45 years. We acquired some vintage 1960's Coca Cola and Pepsi bottles from his collection through the auction house. We will use the 1960's Coca Cola to mix a single cask Macallan distilled in 1965 and bottled in 2005. The syrupy consistency of the mixer and the complexity of the whisky are a match made in heaven. 

We will also include a St. Magdelene 35 year old bottled at cask strength that will be mixed with a rare cloudy lemonade from 1973. The leathery and creosol-like notes of the lemonade enhance the complex and individual character of the whisky from this defunct distillery. We will only use ice made from the purest springs in the Highlands of course. 

Finally, a first-release Pepsi Diet from 1964 will be used to mix a Port Ellen 33 year old. The light and saline character of the soft drink enhances the peaty and maritime notes of the single malt. This tasting need to be booked in advance and it costs £299.99 book your while you can!



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