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Meet the Maker: Benromach Single Malt

Meet the Maker: Benromach Single Malt

After our first 'Meet the Maker' instalment with Esker Gin went down so well, we thought we would continue on with this series. And boy, do we have a treat for you today. Instead of gin this time round, we reached out to whisky geniuses: Benromach Whisky.

Why don't you grab a quick dram yourself, get comfy and read on as we managed to grab five minutes with whisky guru Kevin Cairns, sales representative for Gordon & MacPhail.

Tell us a little bit about why you decided to get into the whisky trade?

I love the variety of people and experiences that you encounter. Also the range of different products and flavour profiles that has continued my interest and love of the business.

I originally started my career in the wine industry, back in 1991, where I worked for Oddbins in Glasgow!

I then moved to Vancouver British Columbia for College. When I finished college, I was asked to Join a company that was importing and selling The  Macallan, Highland Park, Tamdhu and The Famous Grouse. 

I continued to work for different importers for various malt whisky brands like Bruichladdich, Morrison Bowmore. 

Finally, I returned to the UK in 2015, were I joined Gordon and MacPhail. 

What makes Benromach whisky so good?

So many things make Benromach so good; the use of excellent Sherry casks, sourced only from Humbert & Williams in Jerez, Spain; the variety of different expressions; the little hint of Peat Smoke; the use of only natural colour and ingredients; non Chill Filtration; the hand crafted traditional production methods!

Try and pick only one out of those!

Are there any future plans on the horizon for Benromach whisky?

We have just released the Benromach Cask 1! This was the first cask produced at Benromach in 1998, signed by Prince Charles, with all proceeds going to charity, £1000 per bottles. Additional releases this year will be another of our vintage series; The 1978 in September!

 What's your signature serve with Benromach?

The Benromach 15yo with a little splash of water!

What's the craziest serving you've seen with whisky, and would you recommend it?

The craziest serving has definitely Oyster with the Benromach Peat Smoke! Sorry I don’t approve of malt whisky cocktails!

Benromach are certainly juggernauts in the Scotch whisky trade. Have you tried any of their whisky's yet? Make sure to visit us in Jeffrey st. and order yours today.

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