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Why you must do a whisky tasting during the Edinburgh Festival

Why you must do a whisky tasting during the Edinburgh Festival

The world’s biggest arts festival is now just days away so we at Jeffrey Street Whisky and Tobacco thought now would be the perfect time to explain why you must do a whisky tasting during the Edinburgh Festival. Edinburgh – already a lively city – turns into a boiling cauldron of the wacky, weird and wonderful during the festival as the world’s performers descend on Scotland’s capital. There’s a ton of stuff to do during the festival whether you’re here as a tourist or if you’re an Edinburgh native but we don’t want to repeat what you probably already know. So, here are four reasons why you must do a whisky tasting during the Edinburgh Festival.

It’s kinda the law

A whisky tasting during the Edinburgh Festival is most definitely one of those ‘must do’ things. Okay, so it’s actually not the law at all but when you’re in the historic Scottish capital. There’s something just that wee bit extra special when you’re enjoying a fine single malt whisky is one of the world’s most historic cities.

A chance to revive your weary legs

If you’ve never spent time in Edinburgh’s centre during the Festival then you’re in for a real treat… and possibly a bit of a shock. It is, to put it mildly, a bit nuts. You’ll see things happening in the street that will leave you lost for words (in a good way) and the crowds wandering the city are big. The atmosphere is incredible and you’ll savour every second. But… at a certain point you’ll feel like a sit down. Does the idea of a refined, relaxed whisky tasting during the Edinburgh Festival in a cool, wood-finished store with leather seats sound inviting? That’s what awaits at Jeffrey Street.

You’ll learn things you never knew you wanted to know!

Every trip or holiday should be an experience you’ll never forget and if you learn something whilst you’re here in Edinburgh then that makes it even more special, don’t you think? If you’re lucky enough to have chosen a really good whisky tasting with a whisky sommelier who really knows their stuff, then you’ll learn things about whisky that will blow your mind (some of the whiskies will blow your mind too). Jeffrey Street’s Hector is one of those guys who lives and breathes whisky and our whisky tastings have quickly gained a fantastic reputation thanks to his talents.

It’ll be understated, not over the top

We LOVE the Edinburgh Festival but some of the performances are quite, well, in your face. Constantly being bombarded by flyers and having people sing at you in the street can get tiresome after a whole so you can rest assured that there will be no rapturous applause or stage makeup at a whisky tasting! Book your Edinburgh whisky tasting at Jeffrey Street by clicking here.

Jeffrey Street is Edinburgh’s whisky, spirits and tobacco store and is located in the historic Old Town of the city. Shop online or in store at 12-14 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh.

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