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Speyside Distillery Trutina (Non age Statement)

Speyside Distillery Trutina (Non age Statement)

Trutina (Non Age Statement)

The Speyside distillery or (Spey) for the lazy among us, has been increasing its portfolio as of late and has recently released this whisky the Trutina ( Balanced and Pure in Latin.). So does the new range reflect the Spey's exemplary quality? Lets see.


First look at this whisky you would be forgiven in mistaking it for apple-tizer or even a elder-flower cordial. The whisky has a pale and straw nature about it with what would appear to be a minimal wood contact appearance. Really there is very little between this colour and New Make. Now its not all bad this is a young whisky and the colour shows that it is as God intended it with no colouring no filtering. This makes it more of a statement that a lack of colour is always better than cheating with caramel.


Things pickup here with the first hit of spirit shocking the nose it is swiftly followed by a citrus tang. This citrus is not like lemon juice injected up the nose but rather what i would imagine walking through lemon fog would be like. The citrus is then swiftly followed by a Green feeling, Not bitter or harsh but oddly pleasant as it takes the edge of the spirit away. All of this is wrapped up with a vegetative taste subtle and very welcome.


Young Spirit that is well expected, it is not unpleasant but is somewhat over bearing. Barley sweetness follows close behind the spirit and this smooths the palate. This is important as the floral oily taste would be over powered with out it. As you swallow the whisky the mouth feel becomes very Gee Butter like.


Brief and not awful however the spirit is back in force which creates a slightly bland after taste.

Final thoughts

Really this is a good whisky, Does it follow its other whiskies from the distillery? well oddly yes its not as robust it is however young and carries it well. My personal feeling is that if it had been left a tad longer in the cask then it would have less of a spirit nature.  

Score 63/100

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