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Whisky Journey

Whisky Journey

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Whisky Journey

Very often we are asked which distilleries are located close to Edinburgh and which ones are recommended for a short visit. While there are few distilleries, within an hour's journey from Edinburgh, one shouldn't be put off traveling a bit further and visiting whisky distilleries producing great single malt. The following are distilleries that we recommend so that you can go on your very own whisky journey.

Glenkinchie Distillery

The whisky produced at this distillery is also known as the Edinburgh Malt. The distillery is located some 15 miles from Edinburgh's Old Town to the east. The car journey will take you through the suburbs of Edinburgh and once at the distillery, there are a variety of tours you can attend including the Manager's Tasting where the manager of the distillery will take you around and you will sample 6 unique Glenkinchie expressions. There is also a shuttle service run by the distillery from Edinburgh's Waterloo Place! You can book a tour by phoning: 01875 342 012

Auchentoshan Distillery

Located about an hour and thirty minutes from Edinburgh (by car), this Lowland distillery is one of very few in Scotland distilling its whisky three times. At this distillery you will be familiarised with the whisky making process and you will get the chance to sample a dram or two after the tour. You can also attend a master class or even fill your own bottle. The distillery can be reached very easily from Glasgow's city center. To book a tour call: 01389 87 8561

Deanston Distillery

Not in the Highlands Geographically speaking but well within the Highlands whisky region since the enactment of the 1784 Wash Act which divided Scotland into two distilling regions. This distillery is located on the site of a converted mill and it said to be Scotland's only self-sufficient distillery and the greenest distillery in the country. Various tours are available including one where Deanston Single Malt is paired with chocolate! The distillery opens seven days a week and tours can be booked by phoning: 01786 843 010

Tullibardine Distillery

This distillery is located about half an hour away from Stirling. This distillery was built on an area where a brewery is said to have operated in 1488. This distillery is self contained and they distill, age, bottle and label their whisky at their premises. Only a handful of distilleries have achieved this level of self-sufficiency. There are various tours available including sessions for connoisseurs and whisky tastings for those who love chocolate. Book a tour by phoning: 01764661809   If you feel adventurous and have plenty of time to spare, we highly recommend:

Edradour Distillery

Was until 2005 Scotland's smallest distillery. The distillery is located in the picturesque town of Pitlochry on the way to the Highlands. Visitors can attend guided tours between April and October. To our knowledge, there is one standard tour and at the end of it, visitors can indulge at the distillery's bar where countless bottlings of Edradour and from many other distilleries are available. Find out more on the distillery's website: Of course, there are many other distilleries that you can visit, specially when you follow the Whisky Trail in the Speyside. The distilleries that we mentioned are, relatively close to Edinburgh and can be visited in just one day without having to stay overnight. There is no excuse, you can now start your very own whisky journey.
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