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Whisky tasting: what happens exactly?

Whisky tasting: what happens exactly?

Whisky tasting: what happens exactly?

Very often we get asked what to expect from a whisky tasting. While it is true that many places in Edinburgh offer all sorts of whisky tastings, not every whisky tasting is the same as another. Depending on how much or how little attendees know about whisky our tastings will take them on journey of discovery. From how whisky is made to how it ages and how the wood influences the flavour of whisky, our tastings shed light on the mysteries of the golden liquid. Assuming attendees know very little about whisky, this is what people attending our  whisky tastings should expect:

A definition of Scotch whisky

We all have read the labels on bottles of whisky, some of them mention 'malt whisky', 'blended whisky, 'Scotch whisky' and many other words. Are single malts Scotch? Are blends better or worse than malts? We talk about all these confusing terms and what they mean.

The whisky making process

Here we cover how barley grains become whisky. From the malting process to the ageing process we have you covered. We talk about the importance of water during the mashing process, the shape of the pot stills, the importance of quality oak for ageing the whisky.  What is 'reflux'? Does it make whisky better or worse? This and many other questions can be asked in our small-group and intimate tasting sessions.

A brief history of whisky

Here we cover how whisky evolved from being a clear liquid being consumed withe herbs, honey and spices to the multi-billion industry it is today. We take you on a journey of discovery from the ancient ceramic pots used for distillation to how wood management is now a key factor overseen by dedicated teams of experts at many different distilleries. We also cover how taxation, wars and rogues have shaped the golden nectar as time went-by. We are always happy to answer any whisky related questions that you might have. Needless to say, you get to sample unique, rare and limited whisky as we go along. Now that you know what to expect, have a look at our whisky tasting menu here. You might want to go for an introductory tasting, if so, you can chose 'The Regions' or 'The Independents' . Fancy our whisky tasting which includes 'Old and Rare' samples? Give us a call.
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