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Auchentoshan distillery is the only distillery in Scotland which distills its whisky three times. It is located very close to the city of Glasgow. 

Different sources attribute different dates to the founding of the distillery. According to some reliable sources, Auchentoshan distillery was built in 1817. The distillery was not called Auchentoshan but Duntocher. After the founder of the distillery declared bankruptcy the distillery closed down. 

It was acquired by a couple of business men and renamed 'Auchintoshan' (with an 'i') in 1834. Some 40 years later the distillery was sold and the changes of ownership lasted for almost a century. Apart from many changes of ownership and continuous production. not much happened at the distillery until 1941.

The 1941 Clyde Blitz marked the distillery forever. An enemy plane bombed the area surrounding the distillery. a warehouse was hit and lots of barrels were damaged or destroyed. Some of the spilled spirit ignited and a blazing stream of whisky ended up in the river. The Clyde looked as if it had been set ablaze. Today, a crater left by a bomb explosion is used as an artificial pond. 

The distillery was sold a couple of times in the early and late 1960's and then again in 1984. These days the distillery is part of the Beam Suntory group. 

The style of the distillery is delicate and floral. The use of a short fermentation period and the high abv. of the spirit after the third distillation gives a citrus note to the aged whisky and a ceral driven note. 

Auchentoshan 8 year old Douglas Laing Provenance Range

Auchentoshan 8 year old Douglas Laing Provenance Range

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