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Glencadam distillery was built in Brechin, Angus in 1825. When it was built, the distilling industry was going through a period of optimism after the enactment of the Excise Act 1823. As it was customary during the 19th century, the distillery changed hands numerous times until 1891 when it was acquired by the creators of 'Royal Blend'.

Glencadam interrupted production due to the fuel and grain shortages caused by the First World War. The Royal Blend disappeared from the market in the early 1950's and Glencadam distillery was sold to Hiram Walker from Canada. Further changes of ownership saw the distillery changed hands until the current owners, Angus Dundee PLC, acquired it in 2003. These days various official expressions are released by the distillery and some independent bottlings are also available.

A medium-long fermentation period, very tall pot stills (the second tallest in the industry) and a distillation regime that emphasizes reflux give a soft spirit on the palate with pear and floral notes.

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