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Craigellachie 17 year old

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Craigellachie 17 year old

Craigellachie 17 is the official release and flagship single malt from this Speyside distillery. This super whisky is matured in combination of ex Bourbon Barrels and ex Sherry Casks. The bourbon barrels brig flavours of vanilla, toffee fudge and caramel and the Sherry casks provide richness and complexity. Starting with a combination of sweet vanilla and caramelized apple, the 17 explodes with flavour when a drop of water is added, bursting forth with pineapple, citrus and lightly charred oak. It has a long finish that doesn't overstay its welcome. 

Craigellachie distillery profile

Craigellachie distillery was founded in 1891 during the whisky boom of the 19th century. The distillery has produced a distinct whisky that has been popular in blends. In 1998 the distillery was acquired by John Dewar and Sons (a subsidiary of Bacardi). These days there is an official release from the distillery. Previously only independent single malt releases were available. This distillery produces whisky that ends up, for the most part, in the Dewars blends.

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