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Deanston 15 year old Tequila Cask Finish

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Deanston 15 year old Tequila Cask Finish

This exclusive limited-edition release underwent its initial maturation in traditional Oak hogsheads, followed by a unique finishing process in Agave Tequila casks.

The Agave Tequila casks used for this special expression were previously used to hold premium 100% agave tequila derived from 7-8 year-old Agave tequilana var. Weber (blue agave) exclusively cultivated in the Altos (Highlands) region of Jalisco. Tequilas from the Highlands, like the one employed in this creation, are renowned for their fruity and floral notes, adding a distinctive character to the final product.

These casks were carefully used for four to five cycles, during which they held both Reposado (matured for just under one year) and Añejo (aged up to 3 years) tequilas, ensuring they imparted a rich and complex flavor profile to this exceptional release.

Deanston Distillery

Deanston distillery is a relatively new distillery. It was founded in 1965 on the site of a converted cotton mill. When the mill was in operation, it was one of the largest cotton mills in Europe. The cotton processed at that mill was sourced from India when it formed part of the British Empire.

The first whisky produced at this distillery was released in 1971 under the name 'Old Bannockburn'. It wasn't until the mid-seventies that the whisky became available under the name Deanston while under the ownership of Invergordon distilleries.

In 1982 the distillery closed and until 1990 when Burn Stewart and Co acquired it. The latter's parent company went bust in 2009 and this distillery was acquired by South African company Distell Group Limited. This distillery lays claim to being the most environmentally friendly distillery in Scotland. Its massive water wheel produces enough electricity to supply the facilities and to sell to the national grid. 

The style of whisky produced at Deanston is achieved by using a very long fermentation period (between 50 and over 90 hours) and slow distillation. This results in a waxy palate loved by many whisky enthusiasts. 

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