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Fettercairn 11 year old Copper and Oak Fib Whisky

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Fettercairn 11 year old Copper and Oak Fib Whisky

This delightful Fettercairn 11 year old was included in the Copper and Oak range by Fib Whisky; a new and exciting independent bottler hailing from East Fife. The whisky was bottled showing its natural colour and was bottled at natural cask strength: 59.5% ABV. 

Expect some of the lovely floral aromas that Fettercairn is known for, some light honey notes, toasted oak, tropical fruit, sweet oak notes leading to a slightly spicy finish. 

Fib Whisky 

Proud Fifeans, the founders of this independent bottling company picked a name that would evoke tradition and local roots. The name Fib was chosen after one of the sons of mythological Pictish king Cruithne who gave the kingdom of Fife to his son Fib. 

Fib whisky emphasises transparency and bottles its whiskies at natural cask strength without adding artificial colouring nor using chill-filtration. 

Fettercairn distillery

Fettercairn distillery was founded in 1824, just a year after the enactment of the Excise Act 1823. The founders of the distillery went bankrupt and sold their estate, including the distillery, in 1830. It operated for some 60 years before being destroyed by a fire. The distillery underwent a massive refurbishment between 1887 and 1890 and was sold again in 1923 and 1939.

The 1939 acquisition saw Fettercairn become part of the Associated Scottish Distillers Limited (ASD) whom, at their height, controlled Bruichladdich, Benromach, Glenury Royal and other distilleries. ASD ceased trading in 1954 and Fettercairn was sold again and again until 1973 when Whyte & Mackay took it over. By this point, Fettercairn's malting floors had been decommissioned some 13 years earlier.

In 1989 a visitor center was opened just as the industry as a whole recovered from a slump in demand that saw many distilleries close down. The Whyte & Mackay group was sold in 2007 and again in 2014 to its current owners: Emperador brands from the Philippines.

The preference for a  medium-length fermentation (less than 50 hours), unusually shaped stills and stainless steel condensers give the new make spirit a malty and rich character. Fettercairn spirit is aged in first fill and virgin oak casks.