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Glenlossie 10 year old Flora & Fauna

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Glenlossie 10 year old Flora & Fauna

Glenlossie whiskies are not a common sight at your average whisky emporium. This is because the vast majority of the spirit produced at this Speyside distillery ends up in world famous blended whiskies. 

Sample this superb 10 year old Glenlossie and enjoy its gorgeous palate bursting with grass notes, citrus and hay. 

Glenlossie distillery

In 1876 John Duff who already owned the Benriach and Longmorn sites built Glenlossie distillery. At a time when blenders required vast quantities of spirit and the Glenlivet area was their source of spirit, building a distillery close to railway stations and reliable sources of water made a lot of sense.

The distillery operated independently until 1919. On that year it was acquired by the Distillers Company Limited (DCL). A decade or so later the Haig's brand started using Glenlossie as its main component in blends. Its complex and rich spirit proved popular among blenders and in 1962 its production capacity was increased. A second distillery was built adjacent to the distillery in 1971. That second distillery is Mannochmore.

Today Glenlossie distillery has facilities used by the Diageo group to process pot ale, spent lees and draff. Its warehouses store hundreds of thousands of barrels from nearby distilleries. Coming across bottlings from this distillery is rather rare given that blenders use most of its productions for popular blends.

A very long fermentation period of 75 hours, clear wort and plain pot stills produce a spirit rich in grassy and fruity notes.

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