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Speyside 12 year old PX Finish Ferg & Harris

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Speyside 12 year old PX Finish

This mysterious 12 year old Speyside whisky was aged in traditional casks and was then finished in PX casks by the chaps at Ferg & Harris. The PX cask imparted some lovely scents of toffee, baked figs and rich raisins.

The whisky delivers a quick hit of sherry sweetness on the palate. Lighter fruity notes follow. It coats the mouth and throat. Finishes in warm, smooth fashion. It was bottled at natural cask strength showing its beautiful colour. 

Ferg & Harris Independent bottlers

An independent and forward looking company based in Edinburgh. The small team is comprised of both whisky experts and enthusiasts. They are passionate about exceptional whisky and experiment using different wood finishes. This approach enables them to deliver, not only rare but also unique whiskies.