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Stroma Whisky Liqueur

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Stroma Whisky Liqueur 50cl

Stroma whisky liqueur gets it name from the island Stroma off the Caithness coast in Scotland. Stroma originates from Norse meaning island in the stream which refers to the dangerous currents around the island including the dangerous whirlpool Swilkie. This whisky liqueur is made from fine award winning malt whisky mixed with lighter malt whiskies. It is warm and sweet with the taste of honey, spice, toffee and fruit. Whether neat, over ice or in a cocktail it is a delicious liqueur for any occasion.

Old Pulteney distillery

Old Pulteney distillery is located in Wick, on the North East coast of Scotland. The distillery was built in 1826 at the peak of the Herring boom. When Pulteney distillery was built, the founder decided that the spirit produced there would be sold mainly to the many fishermen and port workers who frequented the port. For some decades Pulteneytown was only accessible by boat and the spirit produced at Pulteney distillery was not available to blenders elsewhere in Scotland. 

With the increased popularity of blended whisky the fortunes of Pulteney distillery changed in the second half of the 19th century. The distillery managed to survive the difficulties of the Pattison crisis and the shortages caused by WWI. It was eventually sold to a blending company from Dundee in 1920. On that decade a temperance movement in the area saw the distillery close down. Herring shoals had long swam away from the Northern tip of Scotland and now the idle population found solace in excessive drinking.

When this prohibition-style law was repealed, the distillery reopened. The year was 1947 and it was the owner of Balblair distillery who acquired it. The distillery was sold again in the 1950's this time to Canadian distilling giants Hiram Walker & Sons. Under the ownership of the Canadians, the distillery was refurbished and its production capacity was expanded.

In 1961 the distillery was sold again to Allied Domecq, they kept it until 1995 when they sold it to Inver-House distillers.

The style of whisky produced at Pulteney distillery is fragrant and complex with some salty notes coming through. This is achieved by the usage of large boil balls and a preference for ex-bourbon barrels.