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Craigellachie 2008 Single Malt Port Finish Review

Craigellachie 2008 Single Malt Port Finish Review

Coopers Choice Craigellachie 2008 Port Finish

Coopers choice has delivered again with this edition of Craigellachie 2008 Single Malt Whisky to their already substantial list of whiskies. The whisky was aged further in port casks and it has fruity and polished flavours.  This release consists of only 360 bottles. Craigellachie 2008 single malt was matured in American Oak barrels with additional ageing in Port wine Pipe. Craigellachie distillery was founded in 1891 during the whisky boom of the 19th century. The distillery has produced a distinct whisky that has been popular in blends. In 1998 the distillery was acquired by John Dewar and Sons (a subsidiary of Bacardi). These days there is an official release from the distillery. Previously only independent single malt releases were available. This distillery produces whisky that ends up, for the most part, in the Dewars blends.


Rose water and finest Rosy Wine. A light pink fills the glass which is always pleasant when you are dealing with port finished whisky. Natural colouring with only a Port wood finish this has a exquisite appearance.


Whilst the whisky has a been finished in a port cask, I strongly suspect that it was originally in a bourbon cask. Plenty of wood hints on the nose but a subtle cream and leather comes forth with the first whiff. On the second pass a fantastic rush of Watermelon, tropical Rock melon and stoned fruits bring forth thoughts of the Caribbean and summer cocktails. There is also a surprisingly present alcoholic smell that follows with a citrus finish from every sniff.


Spice, dark skinned fruit with plum flesh and sulphur which is not unexpected from Craigellachie. The body is a refreshing with a medium body. The last flavours to excite the tongue are dried fruits such as sweet raisins and ever so slightly over ripened grape.


With a quite brief finish that fades a bit to quickly. Warming with dry fruit and a spice nature towards the end. There is a present port taste at the very end but it is just out of reach as it disappears a bit to quickly.

Round up

When all is said and done this whisky is the perfect retailers whisky, it is sweet unusually coloured it has a pleasant and accessible taste for a beginner and as a single cask is a limited release. That being said there is still a few unfortunate pit falls, The dram is perhaps a bit to sweet it has a sulphur that is very over baring. All round though this is a tasty dram and we do recommend it.

Score: 73.5/100

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