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Finlaggan Cask Strength Review

Finlaggan Cask Strength Review

Finlaggan 58%

Finlaggan Cask Strength Review


A pale straw, with a hint of a lemon yellow. Very weak apple juice if it had been passed through a cloth.


At 58% ABV you would expect a vast amount of Ethanol, whilst there is a alcoholic pong its not as strong as you would imagine. With a prominent sweet wood taste along the lines of slightly burnt toast. Coming from Islay there is Peat however it is relatively mild. I would say the most prominent whiff coming from this Finlaggan has to be Turkish honey dates a dried fruit and leather nature. All the while from the bottom of the dram there comes a homely felling of stewed apple and almond flakes not unlike the finest Mothers Crumble.


The palate has much more to say for itself like with most Islay's the dram make itself known right of the bat, earth and soil onslaughts the palate from the start and a image of a coastal fish smoker comes to mind. Charcoal woods and BBQ meats with a seaweed saltiness that only the west can create, there is also a fantastic sweet twist reminiscent of sweet oats and barley malt.


Slightly medicinal as with lots of Peated whisky however the nature is not harsh and certainly isn't intended to shock. A hell off a lot briefer than you would imagine this is the perfect Gateway drug for a start into the Peated universe of the Western Islands

Round up

Very little is actually known about Finlaggan, it is not a distillery but rather an independently bottled whisky from Islay. As to which distillery its hard to say its matured in Bourbon barrels and has almost certainly a wee drop of caramel added but that should be expected. I would hazard a guess at it being a Caol Ila and a young one at that.

Score: 86/100

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